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About Manifest

MANIFEST is dedicated to helping those who’ve slipped through the cracks of the health, wellness, medical, and fitness industries.

What we eat and how we move are at the very core of life. They are the biological keys to human happiness, functionality, and longevity. In short, they allow us to thrive.

MANIFEST distills the essence of exercise, nutritional, and behavioral science to not only improve your quality of life, but to help prolong that life. Based on small incremental steps, our program allows for permanent, sustainable change.

Health, wellness, and fitness are not just for the few, they’re our birthright.


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After over two years of development, MANIFEST is opening it’s Old Town Scottsdale location to the public. We’d love for you to drop by to see our facility and schedule a consultation.

If you can’t make it in, just leave your information, and a facilitator will contact you at your convenience.

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Manifest Children

Manifest works with children as well! The most effective way to combat a lifetime of chronic disease is by teaching children the joy of movement and the truth about the food they’re eating. Our program works with parents to ensure their children learn about food, body image, and movement, while still being allowed to be kids!

In addition, we’ve developed the Knowledge League--a comprehensive curriculum for use in the classroom. A passion project of founder Lauren Jenai, Manifest Schools is offered free of charge to teachers and schools.

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Manifest Virtual

Manifest Virtual offers all the same services offered by Manifest, without the need to go to a facility! Our facilitators will video conference with you in your own home, tailoring a program specific to your goals, needs, and environment.

Never worked out a day in your life? Confused about nutrition? Just looking to fine tune what you’re already doing? Manifest Virtual is here for you. WHEREVER you are!

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